Pregnancy Assistance Frankston (PAF) is a not-for-profit pregnancy support agency. We are sponsored by the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and supported by other local churches and community groups. 

We provide a range of free and confidential services in an informal shopfront located near the Frankston railway station. Our service responds to all challenges associated with pregnancy and in particular feelings of confusion, distress or having to cope alone. PAF recognises the dignity of the life of the woman and the life within her womb. The centre receives everyone with warmth, respect and love. 

PAF provides non-directional discussion on all aspects of pregnancy as well as comprehensive advice on the physical and psychological effects of abortion, post-abortion trauma and miscarriage. Adoption is also an option on which guidance can be provided.

Some women may be overwhelmed by a host of various reasons as to why they shouldn't keep their baby. These women are often pressured into a hurried abortion which can result in years of regret, unresolved grief and feelings of guilt. 

Because the welfare of the mother and her baby are intertwined, the woman's health and well-being is our primary concern. We hope to empower her to make a fully informed decision in a stress-free environment. We offer space for a partner or family members to meet together if desired. 

PAF also assists in practical ways by supporting new mothers to obtain material assistance such as infant clothing, baby furniture and other necessary items.

Hours of operation:
Mon-Thurs 10am-2pm
Fri 10am-2pm & 4pm-6pm