In the time we've been operating in Frankston, we've seen a real need for safe, supportive accommodation for pregnant girls and single mums. For whatever reason, many girls have no family support when they are pregnant and have nowhere to turn. We want to give them the opportunity to keep their babies and assist them in developing good parenting skills, living on a budget, furthering their education and learning nutrition for both themselves and their babies.

Our Wish List

  • To employ a full-time office manager to free up the volunteers to do what we love most - helping mums and babes!
  • A new van, to make life easier for our delivery man!
  • To source safe, assisted housing for young single mums, so that we never have to hear again "It's the last thing I wanted to do, but I had no other option!"
  • More volunteers, so we can open full-time.
  • To ensure we have an ongoing funds basis, so we can continue our life-affirming work.

What is 100from1000Club?
It's a way of involving the community in this vital work.
Our goal is to get 1000 sponsors to make an ongoing commitment of $100 every financial year (we're a registered tax deductible charity).
That's only $2 per week!

What does it get you?
Apart from the opportunity to help others, you receive our newsletter, an invitation to our annual dinner dance and a free cuppa any time you pop into our centre!

How can you join 100From1000Club?
Commit to an ongoing annual donation of $100 (tax deductible) by:

  1. completing and submitting the following membership form and
  2. making your first $100 donation (you will be directed to our donation payment page after submitting the membership form).

PAF and those that we assist are eternally grateful for your contribution.
Thank you!